What You’re Talking About on JCKonline, Week of Jan. 20

Montana sapphires and tsavorite were on commenters’ minds this week

“So…if Malachite is leaping back into fashion, does that mean Malachite & Azurite or, better yet, Malachite and Chrysocolla will be the must-have for 2018?”  —Sarah on “Suddenly Everywhere: Malachite”

“I have been a fan of Montana sapphires for many years, and am glad to see that an article has finally been written extolling the beauty of these stones. Montana sapphires are beautiful and a bargain compared to their deeper colored cousins. The colors also work so well when mixing them with other stones, and like other sapphires, they do come in a variety of colors. Because the stones are lighter and more translucent, they refract the light better than the darker variety. The only downside I find is that supply is limited, and there are very few larger stones.”  Tom Byelick on “It’s Official: Montana Sapphires Are a Thing”

“Just a quick comment on an otherwise excellent article. The Tiffany cobblestone pendant and earrings are set with Yogo sapphires, not Montana sapphires. Yes, I know the Yogo mine is in Montana, but they are very different sapphires.”  Jim Adair on “It’s Official: Montana Sapphires Are a Thing”

“[Tsavorite is] an absolutely beautiful gemstone. It is not popular or known to middle-class customers. Most love to see it but do not tend to spend money on it.”  —Shiv C on “Are You Tsavorite Savvy?”

“New Tourneau tag line…‘Time to move’ ”  —Henry F. Kennedy on “Tourneau Looking for a Buyer, Report Says”

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