What You’re Talking About on JCKonline, Week of Jan. 13

The Golden Globes and store closings were on commenters’ minds this week

“Emma Stone’s necklace was absolutely gorgeous and was perfect with her gown…to die for. Don’t understand the black ribbon thing [that Michelle Williams wore]—why wear this when you have access to the best jewels in the world? You’re right, an act of rebellion. Love Meryl [Streep], but her fashion choices are always way off—she dresses herself and it shows! But then again, with her talent, who cares what she wears! Tracee [Ellis Ross]’ bling rings stole the show for sure…not sure if I loved them or hated them! On second thought, I think I loved them.”  —Jane Dalea-Kahn on Golden Globes Jewelry 2017—Cuffs and Chokers Galore

“Glad you included Michelle Williams’ ribbon. Re: Emily Ratajkowski—wow, that was a necklace? Thought it was part of the dress. Emma Stone[‘s] necklace was swooningly celestially gorgeous. My votes for jewelry winners are Blake Lively, Emma Stone, and def. [Tracee] Ellis Ross. So much fun. Joan Rivers must be smiling down from heaven on this roundup.”  —Talisman Collection on Golden Globes Jewelry 2017—Cuffs and Chokers Galore

“The story of every store is different. But I think a bigger picture story that some of the articles about ‘store closures’ are missing is the fact that easily 10% (maybe more…I don’t know everyone’s story) of these stores are closing because even if the business is viable (or even flourishing), the value of the real estate has skyrocketed in the last few years to the point where it seems silly NOT to sell up and take early retirement. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’ve seen that happen with almost every sector of retail in the last few years. At a certain point it makes more sense to sell your location to a tech company that has venture capital money to burn than to stay in business and worry about the coming tech crash when your real estate will be worth less and your tech-employed potential customers will often be unemployed.”  —Sarah on Roll Call of 2016’s Departing Jewelers

“For the most part these retailers and the people who drove the craft went out on their terms, which is nothing to bring out the tissues or launch into a diatribe about the clichéd reasons, but rather raise a glass for these fine folks who represent about all that is so redeeming about our trade. It is and will be always about people. The stores were a reflection of the intent to do good and serve the community that they called their home. In our relentless march towards a homogenized and pasteurized model of jewelry—for me personally it is the loss of character and point of difference that these retailers represented.”  —Sushil on Roll Call for 2016’s Departing Jewelers

“The first law of capitalism is—and has always been—supply and demand. If you can supply a product/service that people want and you can let them know how to get it for a mutually agreeable price, you can do business. And then, perhaps more directly related to these closures, if you can cover your nut and have some of your revenue left over, you can succeed…but if not, and you can’t or won’t find a niche or adapt so that you do have a positive net, you will fail. It ain’t rocket science, but it does require talent and effort. Case in point: My son grew up in the estate jewelry business and at 32 has parlayed what he learned into a very efficient model combining creativity, very proficient bench and laser work and stone-setting, with a sparkling knowledge and personality to schmooze the old girls around Palm Beach[, Fla.,] who love their heirlooms and will pay well for the personal service he provides them…add in his purchase, trade, restoration, and resale of some fine pieces from those same customers along with a talent for online promotion and keeping the operation streamlined, and his customers refer other customers to result in a year in the difficult climate of 2016 that exceeded both the gross and net revenues of any of my 40 years in business. Success is not easy, but it is possible, same as it’s ever been…”  —JT Curtiss on Roll Call of 2016’s Departing Jewelers

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