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Tiffany & Co. and Ivanka Trump were on commenters’ minds

Lapidary Artist on “Is Tiffany Changing Too Fast—Or Not Fast Enough?”:

The young generations haven’t been taught that the value of quality goes much deeper than just money. They also haven’t developed a basic appreciation of history, even the history of the internet is remote to many of them. Even the wealthy are brought up on junk, throwaway cultural diets.… I say keep the traditional look because such things become anchors and safe harbors that provide comfort to a fast-paced throwaway society.

Peggy Jo Donahue on “Future of Ivanka Trump Jewelry Line Uncertain, Retailers Say”:

Who on earth would make the decision to stock any Trump-branded product now? If it doesn’t perform and you want to get rid of it, you could become the target of the president’s anger. Of course, if there’s no such thing as bad publicity…

Maria Prata on “Future of Ivanka Trump Jewelry Line Uncertain, Retailers Say”:

The most important line in the article…is, “If you are a business owner, it is prudent not to take sides.”

Sherri Roizen on “California Jeweler Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Customers’ Rings”:

Anyone think it might be time for professional licensing requirements for appraisers?

David Brands on “WorldofWatches Owner Reportedly Goes Out of Business”:

I purchased three watches from eWatches in the past year. My experience was always good. I got one of the very last Swiss Legend Commander Titanium watches in early December. It’s all titanium with manufacturer’s list at $695 but I got in for $70—no sales tax and free shipping. Help was always courteous and the pricing was always the best between WoW and eWatches—maybe that’s why they went out of business.

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