What We’re Shooting Today: More Fashion-Forward Gold Jewelry for Still Life

Today we’re shooting still-life images in midtown Manhattan, and like last year, we’re incorporating bags and shoes into the mix with the jewelry. New for this year: a hand model, idea courtesy of our newly appointed photo editor Leah Rudolfo. (Great idea, Leah!)

What pieces make it into shots is always a balancing act. My priority as the market editor is to get a fair balance of coverage between trend leaders, brands, and lesser-known jewelry names that appeal to wide audiences for their depth of inventory and values. Once pictures are taken, another group of people behind the scenes at JCK selects the final images. Oftentimes, I do not know what images will definitely appear until I hold the printed book in my hand. Here’s a peek at some of the options we’re weighing today.

Some of the pieces we're shooting today.

Some of the pieces we’re shooting today

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