What We’re Shooting Today: Diamonds for the June Issue

I’m on set today with our photo shoot team—photo editor Leah Rudolfo, stylist Brooke Magnaghi, photographer Ted Morrison, and a security guard—to shoot the June issue. After May, it’s our biggest issue of the year, since it appears at JCK Las Vegas, the show affiliated with our publication. For this issue, our focus is big diamonds, and we routinely stretch the limits (and beyond) of our insurance policy.

As happens with every pull, we didn’t get everything we wanted or requested. A bracelet I saw at Baselworld at the booth of United Gemco and wanted as a cover option was already sold, and we couldn’t get it back from the new owner in time for the shoot. Merchandise from Italian vendor Roberto Demeglio was still in Italy, so we couldn’t have all the items we wanted. The holidays also meant that a number of diamond vendors were closed this week. But perhaps the most mind-boggling reason of all for not getting goods: The owner of one New York City–based diamond house was traveling, and, apparently, no one else in his office was permitted to open his safe to give us the earrings we wanted to shoot for still life—which were in the safe in the firm’s New York office. For the June issue. Really.

Anyway, we’re making it happen—thanks to a few very last-minute pulls, including morning visits to the offices of Gem Platinum and William Goldberg—as we always do, and we hope you’ll enjoy the finished images as much as we will.

Diamond jewelry on set today from Norman Covan, Roberto Demeglio, and William Goldberg

Diamond jewelry on set today from Norman Covan, Roberto Demeglio, and William Goldberg

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