What Is Your Favorite Part About Being in the Jewelry Industry?

A piece of jewelry is, at its core, a material object.

There’s no specific biological need that a diamond ring or tennis bracelet fulfills. One could argue that the time, money, and energy devoted to procuring said baubles could go toward any number of household expenses that have a more immediate impact on our lives.

But then, there still would be something missing. 

The moment a man (or woman) gets down on one knee to propose to a loved one would be without sparkle; an anniversary gift would lack the appropriate amount of silver and gold; and birthdays, graduations, and births would be devoid of a reflected smile in a chain, locket, or necklace.

The people that keep these moments alive in our collective conscience take their work very seriously. When I poised the question “What’s your favorite part about being in the jewelry industry?” to a few of my Twitter followers and JCK magazine’s Facebook friends, I wasn’t expecting the outpouring of inspired responses from people throughout the industry.

I should have known better. Buying jewelry is one of the most important and personal things we do, and those who help us make our decisions are doing so with more in mind than the bottom line.

Without further adieu, here are the top responses from jewelry industry professionals in response to my question. Don’t hesitate to comment below, tweet @danielfford and @JCKMagazine, or weigh in on JCK magazine’s Facebook page with your own thoughts.

10 Facebook Replies

  1. Tracy Leigh: Working with beautiful diamonds I could never buy myself ?
  2. Joint Venture Jewelry: The romance of it! We love working with couples in love, sealing it with a ring, or marking a momentious occation in their life.
  3. Tiernan Underwood: Being part of someone’s dreams.
  4. Ev Ert: Working with jewellers and their customers in creating lasting memories. Hearing about every “Yes” and “I do.”
  5. AAA Gold & Jewelry: Working with customers, to help them purchase a piece that will be cherished. To take someones idea, and turn it into a work of art, that may be an heirloom for generations. We could go on an on for our pride in this business.
  6. Craig Randall: Producing products that last for generations.
  7. Nate Smith: Being a trusted part of the downtown community!
  8. Ewing’s Jewelry: Small town, one store, and one friend at a time.
  9. Nancy Zacco Joys: All the beautiful gems and jewelry I get to see.
  10. Dustin Hutcherson: The satisfaction.

10 Twitter Replies

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