What is a Fashionista?

A fashionistas is a person who is dedicated to maintaining a very up-to-date understanding of fashion. A fashionistas is often the first person in their reference group to identify new fashion trends. These people place a high priority on shopping and staying abreast of new developments within their favorite designer lines. Professional marketers would classify fashionistas as innovators.

VALS by SRI International is a system that segments consumers according to sociological and psychological theories. One group they track is a category of people called innovators. These folks tend to be attracted to change, have higher incomes, very high self-esteems, have lots of resources and enjoy self indulgence. Sound like good jewelry prospects? You bet they are!

These are people who believe in the power of fashion and exhibit the ability to influence others through their approach to fashion. How might you better identify fashionista’s and motivate them to promote your brand? Image is important to every jewelry brand and fashionistas pride themselves by referring their favorite brands to their family and friends. Fashionista’s are focused on refining their acquired taste in fashion. How does your company and brand help fashionistia’s learn more about design, style and fashion through your jewelry line?

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