What Are Your Customers Looking For?

How many of your customers are looking for fashion accessory jewelry statements that project a more understated approach to luxury? What sort of jewelry would you suggest to customers looking for jewelry offering more subtle sophistication? In your own opinion, would this sort of approach be best served through more contemporary design approaches or would this approach include classic designs?What sort of subtle branding nuances are reflected in your inventory motif that customers recognize and comment on? How often do you ask employees what customers are looking for when they shop your store? How do you keep your brand fresh and unveil new approaches to classic jewelry designs? How can accents in new materials provide a refreshing touch of originality to your inventory mix? How do you help your customers define their own individuality through your jewelry offerings? How can each piece of jewelry you offer be sold to highlight each customer’s unique sense of style?

As we enter into a new decade, now is the time to reevaluate your approach to fashion, accessories and the specific jewelry your company offers. In 2010 it is time to perfect your ability to integrate merchandising, marketing and sales messaging through your own originality built from the ground up. Now is not the time to cut corners in your marketing communication messages and use of multiple media. Start with the right approach to the right customer through your product merchandising and let marketing communications and sales presentations follow and reinforce brand positioning. If this is done correctly . . . customers will be looking for your inventory and store’s unique value proposition.

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