Well Suited Jewelry

Consider the well made men’s suit. Some parties would argue a business suit is more than just a fashion statement, it is a means of projecting one’s ability to climb the corporate ladder or even evade today’s layoffs. That is pretty powerful praise for a set of clothing. I recall a couple luxury fashion designers reporting last fall that even during our economic downturn customers were still buying expensive business suits . . . just not as many of them at one time.

If we believe menswear editors, a well made suit is not just a fashion statement, but rather an investment even in this shopping environment. There are many elements for informed suit buyers to consider including a higher thread count, a full canvas layer between the fabric and lining, hand stitching, and lined pant legs. But the most important element is still professional tailoring. Any suit that does not fit right will look unflattering and quite frankly . . . rather cheap.

So what can we say to men when it comes to selecting the right jewelry to project the right professional image? Watch brands have been role models for the jewelry industry when it comes to marketing to professional men by using celebrities to project the well dressed look for business men.

What sort of jewelry should jewelry merchandisers be looking to stock to sell to men to accompany their business suits?

If business suit designers are right and men are still buying expensive suits it is because men feel these investments are very necessary. What sort of jewelry can merchandisers position as being just as necessary to further project that professional appearance through jewelry? Why not develop a special promotion to men who consider luxury jewelry as a necessity to complete their professional attire? If luxury fashion designers are right, your promotion might be a good strategy to increase sales during these economic times.

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