Website Selling $4 Million Gemstone-Studded Christmas Wreath

Well, this is something that could certainly light up a Christmas tree.

If $3.2 million diamond boots aren’t flashy enough for you, maybe you should celebrate the season with a $4.6 million diamond- and ruby-studded Christmas wreath.

Luxury website VeryFirstTo is offering what it calls “the world’s most expensive Christmas wreath,” studded with 16 rubies and 32 diamonds, totaling more than 138 cts. 

Among the gems on the wreath: a 17.49 ct. ruby and 3.03 ct. fancy yellow diamond. 

At press time, none has been purchased yet, the company said. But since the wreath is made to order, its designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter, a noted Finnish florist, can create as many as needed.           

Tobias Kormind, joint owner of 77 Diamonds, which supplied the gemstones, said in a statement that all the stones are removable and can either be put on next year’s wreath or mounted into another piece of jewelry.

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