Wearable Ring Oura Gets Sleek Design Update

The Oura Ring, a connected ring that functions as a notifier and fitness tracker, was always very low-key looking—affecting a piece of shiny black electrical tape, really. But clearly the unisex ring was on the bulky side.

No longer. The company recently debuted a tightly edited collection of new Ouras, and they’re easily half the width of the original and boast analog-ring styling that’s akin to a classic wedding band.

In a climate that’s seen most wearable makers focus on the watch and other nonjewelry items, it’s nice to see that a firm is focusing on cool-looking smart rings.

The Oura has sensors under its sleek top that gauge things like sleep stages, body temperature, resting heart rate, and heart rate. Its companion app, where all the data is crunched and analyzed, works with both Android and iOS devices.

Oura’s mission is to better inform users of how they can get more in tune with their natural circadian rhythm, so they’ll sleep better.

The ring is priced from $319 for more simple versions to $899 for the Balance model that features a strip of tiny diamonds. The rings are slated to ship this spring.

(Top: Oura rings, courtesy of Oura)

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