Watch a Diamond Shatter Under Pressure

The 1.2 ct. diamond is no match for a hydraulic press

The Hydraulic Press Channel, a YouTube channel with more than 1 million followers and nearly 90 million views, operates under the simple premise that people enjoy watching things being destroyed, and its popularity seems to indicate that it is right.

For its latest endeavor, the channel founders crushed a 1.2 ct. diamond that was provided by Brilliant Earth.

“I’m quite nervous, excited, because we only have one shot with this, then it’s all over,” the narrator of the video says as he places the diamond beneath the press. Then he operates the press, and the diamond shatters. “The diamond is gone. The diamond loses, and the press wins.”

Many of the channel’s videos have millions of views, including “crushing gummy bears with hydraulic press” and “crushing book with hydraulic press.” “Crushing diamond with hydraulic press” has been viewed 5.7 million times in just four days.

Brilliant Earth shared the video on its Twitter, asking, “Can a diamond be crushed by a hydraulic press? Find out from Hydraulic Press Channel and Brilliant Earth.”

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