Warm and Cool Jewels – How Suite It Is

Caroline: As a former retailer, I’ve certainly heard the term “suites” and sold a few. As a basic jewelry wardrobe, two or three pieces that match are a good wardrobe start.
Cynthia: I think that’s a great way to start a jewelry wardrobe. Although “matchy-matchy” has been out of style for a number of years, I believe it’s coming back into vogue again now, driven in part by what celebrities are wearing. And of course designers and retailers love that, because it means add-on sales.
Caroline: And do you, in your wardrobe, have any matching sets? Or suites?
Cynthia:  I’m a great fan of vintage jewelry, and when I can acquire the matching pieces of a parure or demi-parure, I do. I like to have pieces that I can wear together when I so choose. Whether I do wear them together depends somewhat on what’s in fashion. Mixing things up is fun and lets me be creative.
Caroline: I think we all have some pieces that match. Tell me about your wardrobe.
Cynthia: Unlike you, I have a mix of warm and cool colors in my personal palette … my skin is quite cool, with pink in it; my eyes a warm brown.
Caroline: Yeah, I think I’m classified as “cool.” In more ways than that one, of course. ;)
Cynthia:  {Uh-huh — I’ll ignore that last comment!!} Since I’m a combination of warm and cool, I can wear yellow gold or the white metals, and combinations of metals are especially attractive choices for me. Rose gold is another excellent choice… neither too warm nor too cool.
Caroline: So you get to wear them all! Hardly fair!!
Cynthia:Yes, I’m lucky that way! The downside comes with budgeting for suites of jewelry in multiple colors of metal, so I have lots of holes in my jewelry wardrobe, especially relative to rose gold.
Caroline: Do you think we all instinctively know what colors look good on us? White vs. yellow vs. rose? Or must one consult a professional to find out?
Cynthia: Some people instinctively know what looks best, but consulting an image professional is a great way to get an objective third-party evaluation.
Caroline: That’s good advice.

Today’s Jewel:
An image consultant can be a great asset to a jeweler. Here are a few ideas:

1.) Develop an affiliation with a local image consultant. Visit http://www.aici.org/ to find qualified image professionals in your area. You may find it’s a great reciprocal partnership – that you can send customers to the image consultant for guidance in making selections, and that the consultant will come to you as his or her clients want to add to their jewelry wardrobes in conjunction with developing a personal style.

2.) Keep your affiliated image consultant advised of what’s available at your store, so that you are a ready resource for his or her clients. The consultant may have suggestions for items you may want to stock.

3.) Consider having an in-store event, such as a “ladies night,” with an image professional. The consultant can do on-site one-on-one image consultations including a quick assessment of customers’ personal coloring and give the customer ideas of flattering jewelry styles to consider.

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