Wardrobe Happiness for Your Customer

by Caroline Stanley

On Friday’s blog (click here or just read on below), we discussed working with your own – or your customer’s – jewelry wardrobe. Here’s a bit more about how to best make this savvy concept work in your store.

Today’s Jewel
If you are working with your customer on her wardrobe, invite her in for an hour or so, add coffee or a glass of wine and get comfortable. Consider adding in a local image consultant to help your customer find flattering pieces. 

If your customer is ready to say goodbye to Group 3 jewelry, figure out how to best recycle it. Scrap it, resell it or clean it/gift wrap it for her to give to someone else. If she’s not ready to let go of Group 3, don’t push it. Wrap it up and store if for her or send it home with her. 

Adjust the 10 steps to Wardrobe Happiness to best fit your customer. You can skip some, as appropriate, or maybe your customer just needs help in one particular area.

Consider taking a digital photo of all the jewelry or make your customer a list to take home. Does she need new appraisals? Cleaning? Prongs, etc.? Help her get her jewelry fixed up. If the person whose wardrobe you’re helping to evaluate isn’t a regular customer, think about charging her (and letting her know in advance, of course), especially if you’re working with an image consultant who probably has a fee for her time. 

The money she spends to evaluate her wardrobe could be given back as a gift certificate to other purchases or services your store offers.

Withing with your customers on her jewelry wardobe offers multiple opportunities for current sales, service/appraisals and lays a nice groundwork for future sales.

As always, please practice new skills on other sales associates, friends and relatives, not the customers. :)

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