Wardrobe Concept #5 – Not Just One

Wardrobe # 5

Today’s blog by Caroline Stanley

Concept #5
You don’t have to have just one of anything.
This includes your wedding band. Tastes change over time. Why not go with what you like?

As you’ve been reading, we believe there are six guiding concepts to any jewelry wardrobe. # 5 is especially important to retailers and sales associates.

Selling the “just one” concept is how many of us increase sales when working behind the counter. If a couple is looking at an engagement ring or wedding band that’s a bit above their price range, generally if you make the point that they’ll wear it every single day for many, many years, you can get them to spend a bit more. It’s a proven method and actually I believe it is generally in the best interests of most customers to have this pointed out.

For the opposite concept of “you don’t HAVE to have just one of anything,” well, suddenly you have to reverse this thinking, or at least think of this sales concept as a progression throughout a customer’s buying cycle.

When a couple has less money and is just starting out, that is the time to use the “just one” concept. On the other hand, when they have more money, have given tons of jewelry gifts and don’t know what to do next and want to buy something new, then THAT is the time to use the “you don’t HAVE to have just one” concept.

It will help you replace, upgrade or simply add to your customer’s wardrobe.

As a sales technique, you may want to start by planting some seeds with your customer, both the buyer and recipient. Mention that you have multiple wedding bands (or whatever the item) that you wear and how nice it is to have the “original” to wear, as well as something new and fun and see what the reaction is, and move on from there.

If the recipient isn’t sure about this, challenge her (or him) to try out the item for a day (or whatever time period you’re comfortable with as a store owner or manager) and see how it feels. I’m betting if they have the thought, from you – a retailer – that this is a good idea, and permission from their significant other, you won’t be getting it back!

Today’s Jewel

Read the above carefully. Mix gently with customers. Rinse and repeat as needed. :)

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