Wardrobe Concept #3 – Signature Pieces

Consider having a signature piece of jewelry, one you wear frequently. It may be that the actual piece is unique or it may be the way you wear it that makes it distinctly yours.

Caroline: You know, we’ve talked about signature pieces before. They are a wonderful item for anyone’s jewelry wardrobe.
Cynthia: I think they’re great because they can provide a peek into the wearer’s personality.
Caroline: Yes. I always think it’s interesting in People and other magazines when they highlight a celeb wearing a particular purse or pair of boots, etc. over a period of time with various different wardrobes. That’s the same concept as a signature piece of jewelry, but instead an accessory. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any jewelry highlighted like that yet, but it’s sure to happen!
Cynthia: I have seen jewelry highlighted like that once or twice, although none of the pieces were so outstanding that they have stuck in my mind. Which raises an interesting point… that a signature piece isn’t necessarily something bold and flashy.
Caroline: True. And in the case of the celebs, I think – or hope! — that a signature jewel (as I’ll call it) would last a lot longer! But if you choose a signature jewel, it also can change over time. It’s not something you have to pick and then stick with forever.
Cynthia: Definitely, there’s no need to be locked into one thing. But if you love something, and especially if it is loaded with sentimental meaning, a signature jewel can be your hallmark for years!
Caroline: Yes, my pattern seems to have a signature piece as long as a have a particular job in the jewelry industry. I’m sure there’s a real correlation there!
Cynthia: LOL…. I understand!  And I’ve found that my signature pieces when I was a practicing attorney were very different from those I enjoy now that I’m in a more creative field of endeavor. Back then, my pieces were more elegantly conservative… simple gold or silver necklaces, basic pearls. Now, I love multiple strands of beads and wonderful, interesting brooches.
Caroline: Very nice! You do have a lot of brooches. It’s wonderful to have choices, isn’t it? I’d challenge our readers (and they can challenge their customers) to think about what might be their signature jewel and see if it still reflects their current lifestyle. For many retailers, a signature jewel is whatever is latest and greatest — until they sell it! But sometimes there’s a special piece that they just can’t bear to part with!
Cynthia: I completely relate to that! I have several pieces of vintage costume jewelry like that — I simply can’t bear to let them go.
Caroline: That’s fair. I have some pieces of (gasp!) yellow gold, that I don’t wear but must keep. Those were my “signature jewels” a long time ago (before PGI!).
Cynthia: On the other hand, I do love when I can place a special piece of jewelry with a good home!  And sometimes it’s necessary to let go of a great piece to make room for something even more wonderful.
Caroline: I think it’s a universal principle that when there’s room, something new and fabulous can appear. Sort of the “if you build it they will come,” kind thing. Maybe more like, “If there’s room, it will appear.” :)
Cynthia: That’s right, and it’s healthy too, whether from a standpoint of feng shui or purely from the economic consideration of inventory turnover.
Caroline: A nice practical point to end on today!

Today’s Jewel
Keep the “signature jewel” concept fresh in your mind. The concept works well with current as well as prospective customers – a great conversation starter!

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