Wardrobe Concept #1 – Developing a Unique Wardrobe

Cynthia: Our first point about developing a jewelry wardrobe is that no two wardrobes are alike. Your jewelry wardrobe is a reflection of you and your own specific tastes. It shouldn’t be a duplicate of anyone else’s.
Caroline: Yes, that’s a great point. We all have those one or two (or maybe more!) trendy items that seems like EVERYONE has. I certainly think there’s a place for those in your wardrobe, because it’s how you mix and match those pieces in with your own unique jewelry that give you a particular look.
Cynthia: I suppose I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian in that regard. If everyone else has it, I want something different! 
Caroline: There’s nothing wrong with that! I mostly agree, but every once in a while will fall prey to the “herd” mentality. My diamond circle pendant was one of those. Of course, I had it years before I started seeing it on TV commercials for the masses, but still! I think having a bit of that in your wardrobe is OK. If that’s all you have…..well, maybe it’s time for a jewelry wardrobe check.
Cynthia: I agree with you. Dressing entirely in trends can make someone seem like a classic “fashion victim.” And sometimes being on the cutting edge with a trend means that everyone else eventually catches up with you. I was seriously into vintage brooches years before their recent resurgence of popularity.
Caroline: Ah, another forward thinker! 
Cynthia: Definitely – forward thinking is one of my specialties! In fact, if I may digress for just a moment, I recall commenting to various jewelers that I didn’t get the concept of the three-stone diamond ring, where the future was represented by a stone smaller than the stone representing the present. The new “Journey” designs with their implication of a brighter future are something that I myself would have recommended, had anyone asked me! lol! 
Caroline: Are you on to a new look now that it’s popular or are you sticking with your vintage brooches?
Cynthia: I do wear my brooches, and I expect I’ll never completely retire my favorites. Many of them are timeless in design. But I love the versatility of brooches in general, and I expect to enjoy a variety of brooches, perhaps in different materials or styles as a nod to the latest trends. After all, I can have a “Journey” style brooch!
Caroline: It’s nice that you are so taken with them. I ended up making my diamond circle into an earring (and purchasing another for the other ear) after everyone started wearing the circle pendants. For me, that worked nicely and didn’t leave me looking like everyone else. Of course, the nice thing about vintage brooches is that they are NOT all alike and are great personality pieces!
Cynthia: That’s right. It’s nice not to see the same jewelry coming and going on everyone else. Your earrings are a great example of “recycling” jewelry and giving it your own special look.

Today’s Jewel
Take an overall look at your customer’s wardrobe. Is it a mix of the more popular pieces with little or no unique pieces in there? Is it entirely unique? More importantly, does whichever look she’s going with fit her personality?

If she’s a trendy gal, you might consider commenting to her that her wardrobe is just that – very trendy. Might she like a classic piece or two to mix with it to showcase her own personal style?

If she’s a very traditional gal, see if something trendy might catcher her eye to add another dimension to her wardrobe.

No matter which way she goes, ensure her wardrobe isn’t just like everyone else’s. Show her pieces that match her personality and show off her uniqueness.

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