Walk on the Wild Side: Safari-Ready Finds From JCK Marketplace

I was immersed in Pinterest and kept coming across the most amazing photos to pin to my Wild Side board. Then I got to thinking: If there is any one place on the Internet that has safari-worthy jewels, it’s got to be Marketplace. A few searches later, I’ve got an exotic menagerie that Jeff Corwin would be seriously proud of. Behold, the animal kingdom at your fingertips (or on your wrist, your neck…).

Carla Corporation’s Alligator Brooch

Carla Corporation Alligator brooch

Imagine this gleaming alligator from Carla Corporation pinned right on your shoulder! The highly detailed 14k yellow gold brooch is the perfect addition to any animal lover’s collection.

Carlo Biagi’s Giraffe Bead Bracelet

Carlo Biagi's giraffe bead bracelet

My most favorite of all animals, the tall and majestic giraffe, is brought to life in this bracelet from Carlo Biagi. Crafted of sterling silver and accompanied by a variety of black and white beads, this is the ideal safari adornment!

Silver City’s Rhino Pendant

Silver City rhino pendant

This typically ferocious rhinoceros is made just a bit friendlier with the addition of inlaid synthetic opal from Silver City Jewelry. A cubic zirconia eye rounds out the dazzling sterling silver pendant.

ZDNY’s Snake Ring

ZDNY snake ring

If you can forgo your fear of snakes, ZDNY’s grey diamond creation is a stunner. Set in 18k yellow gold over sterling silver with 7.37 cts. t.w. rose-cut gray diamonds and ruby eyes, this is one serpent you’ll be thrilled to have on you!

Belle Étoile’s Tiger Bangle

Belle Etoile's tiger bangle

Belle Étoile’s tiger bangle sits regally on your wrist, hand-painted with yellow enameling. The sterling silver gem is given a dose of glitz with cubic zirconia accents.

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