Vrai’s New Iconic Shapes Collection Spotlights Creative Gem Cuts

Fine jewelry brand Vrai, which is owned by leading lab-grown diamond producer Diamond Foundry, debuted a collection yesterday that showcases unusual diamond cuts in a series of stud earrings featuring lab-grown diamonds.

The brand’s new Iconic Shapes collection features nine distinct diamond shapes, all set in minimal 14k white or yellow gold prong settings. The simple earrings offer a stylish alternative to the standard round- and princess-cut diamond earrings. The shield- and keystone-cut diamonds are particularly chic.

Chasing the fashion-forward buyer, as Vrai is clearly doing with Iconic Shapes, feels like a savvy move for the brand, which has been facing stiff competition since its acquisition by Diamond Foundry in 2017—primarily from De Beers, which introduced its low-cost lab-grown diamond brand Lightbox in 2018, but also from a flurry of lab-grown brands that have cropped up in the past few years.

The Iconic Shapes collection feels like the kind of “different” that discerning young fine jewelry buyers are after. The studs are easy to wear (very work-from-home friendly) and pack a big look into a small package.

The shapes in the new collection are hexagon, keystone (tapered baguette), long hexagon, lozenge (an elongated diamond), Octavia (an octagon with 88 facets), shield (pointy at top, rounded at the bottom), baguette (longer than most), half-moon, and classic Asscher.

Studs feature 0.75 ct. diamonds and are uniformly priced at $1,100 each, and $2,200 for a pair. The diamonds are produced in-house, utilizing hydropower; Diamond Foundry is the only diamond producer in the world that has a certified net-zero carbon footprint. The collection’s packaging is made from recyclable, compostable, and reusable materials.

Vrai CEO Mona Akhavi said in a prepared statement, “The Iconic Shapes collection reflects Vrai’s forward-thinking vision to evolve the diamond industry and create rule-breaking jewelry designs that are an expression of personal values and originality.”

Vrai stud earrings
Stud earrings in Vrai’s new Iconic Shapes collection of lab-grown diamond styles
Vrai keystone studs
Vrai keystone-cut lab-grown diamond studs, $2,200 ($1,100 for a single)
Vrai Half Moon studs
Vrai half-moon-cut lab-grown diamond stud earrings in 14k white gold, $2,200 ($1,100 for a single)
Vrai lozenge-cut studs
Vrai lozenge-cut studs in 14k yellow gold, $2,200 ($1,100 for a single)
Vrai Shield studs
Vrai shield-cut studs in 14k yellow gold, $2,200 ($1,100 for a single)

Top photo: Vrai long hexagon studs in 14k yellow gold, $2,200 a pair; $1,100 for a single (all photos courtesy of Vrai)

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