Virginia Jeweler Killed in Robbery

Muhammad H. Baig, 29, an employee of Victoria Jewelers in Richmond, Va., was killed on May 5 during a robbery at his store, according to the website of the city police department. 

Baig suffered an apparent gunshot wound, and police believe he was killed during an attempted daytime robbery. 

“He’s a great guy and a great person,” the owner of a neighboring store told a local news station. “When the police lady came in here and asked if I saw anything, I cried because I know him.”

Detectives ask anyone with information about this crime to call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000. 

Crime experts give the following tips to avoid robberies:

– Robbers often visit an intended target beforehand to case it. Look for a shopper who seems to be paying more attention to the details of the premises than the jewelry. Record any suspicious incidents in a log book. Employees should have a code word to use when they notice suspicious behavior.

– Have at least two, and if possible three, employees in the store at all times.

– Install a surveillance camera and recording system.

– Verify the identification of delivery drivers who come into the store.

– Look at and greet all customers who enter the store.

– Prepare a plan of action so employees know what to do in case the worst occurs.

– If a robbery does occur, employees should not panic. The best advice is to follow instructions and not challenge the robbers verbally or physically. Even direct eye contact can be considered a provocation. Pulling out a gun is extremely dangerous, since the robber typically has the advantage on you.

– The less time the robbers are in the store, the less risk of harm. Once robbers take the merchandise, they will want to exit as soon as possible. Let them leave, and don’t chase after them.

– If you are out of the robber’s sight, and he or she is unaware of your presence, keep it that way.

More tips for crime prevention and store safety: 

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Crime prevention information is also available from most insurers and the Jewelers’ Security Alliance.


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