Viral Spiral: Zale’s ‘Love Rocks’

As Viral Spiral matures as a regular content feature in
JCK’s Retail Thursday e-newsletter, we’d like to explore how retailers are
repurposing television ads that performed well in local and regional markets as
well as on a national level. Given Zale’s marketing budget, it should come as
no surprise that this company produces some stellar TV commercials.

Originally aired in October 2008, Zale’s “Love Rocks” or
“String” ad continues to receive thousands of unique views on YouTube every
month. Uploaded under the “Love Rocks” video name, this commercial has received
more than 53,000 unique views and tens of thousands of unique views under the
“String” upload name. It has been uploaded countless times, demonstrating an
incredible popularity with young couples and perhaps the romantic in all of us.
Industry video marketing guru Nick Failla shares his thoughts on why this
Zale’s ad continues to resonate with so many YouTube surfers:

Zale’s Jewelers Commercial – Love Rocks

“This Zale’s spot is truly timeless even though it was
released over two years ago. This claim is supported by the fact that even today
people who are viewing this spot for the first time are so inspired by it that
they are posting it themselves under their own YouTube screen names in hopes of
sharing it with others.

“What makes this video timeless? It’s both romantic and
clever. Zale’s inspires other potential grooms to think outside the box
when proposing and leaves potential brides hoping to be on the receiving end of
such a heartfelt effort.

“It’s the importance of the moment, not the ring that is
illustrated in this spot and adds to its enduring appeal. This story speaks to
the romance of the moment cherished by both the man and the woman. It also
infers that a company such as Zale’s understands the importance of that moment,
so therefore they can be trusted to help you facilitate your very own proposal.

“Have you ever seen a viral video based on the price of an
item being sold? Probably not. You Tube provides a social media service,
not a commodity service or a service that is intended to be an advertising tool. So
to become viral a video really needs to strike an emotional chord. The
video that becomes viral needs to make us laugh or cry. Possibly shock or
amaze us. It has to do something that elicits an emotional response from
us or it will fall into the wasteland of many a boring video.

“Zale’s strikes more than an emotional chord with this
video, it plays an entire melody.”

Nick Failla