Viral Spiral: Tulsa Gold & Gems

Tulsa Gold & Gems isn’t a traditional jewelry store. But
conventional jewelry store owners could learn a thing or two about marketing and
promotions from the Oklahoma-based store that specializes in buying gold and
gemstones from the public. Tulsa Gold & Gems’ 30-second spot is an even
split between animation and live action. The animated portion has
an edgy, urban feel, portraying unscrupulous gold buyers. By contrast, witness the helpful real-live Tulsa Gold & Gems staff.

The video is a clever and fun way to differentiate Tulsa
Gold & Gems’ approach to jewelry buying: They’re offering customers a safe, clean, and pleasant place to
exchange gold for cash—as compared to those “other places.” The video has
received more than 45,000 unique views on YouTube since it was uploaded on
March 11. See what industry video marketing guru Nick Failla says about Tulsa
Gold & Gems’ video.

“Kudos to Tulsa Gold for creating a gold buying spot that stands out in the crowd! For the last couple of years,
purchasing scrap gold from consumers has been a critical initiative for retail
jewelers. So critical, in fact, that it
enabled many jewelers to stay in business during a tough economic downturn. As a result, the market has become extremely
competitive. You see an ad for gold buying on nearly every
street corner.

“The Tulsa Gold video is fun, memorable, and
addresses the consumer’s fears of: Where do I go to get the most for my gold
and who can I trust? This lighthearted spot certainly has captured quite a
following with over 45,000 views in just 11 months! Is it because it is
one of the few animated commercials broadcast—therefore making it more
distinctive? Is it because the galloping grandmas at the end can’t help
but make us laugh? Is it because of the sincere, warm and friendly
service provided by the store associate makes a feel more comfortable with
visiting the store? In all likelihood, a combination of all of the above. Will you be using
animation for your next commercial?”