Viral Spiral: Tiffany & Co.

The most important customer retention measure for a retail
jeweler is establishing connections with young customers early in their jewelry
buying years, and nurturing those relationships throughout their lives so as to
attract their children as customers. Tiffany & Co. captures the importance
of these customer relationships in ways only Tiffany (and its massive marketing
budget) can. The “Blue is the Color of Dreams” video is the focus of this
week’s Viral Spiral. Accompanied by a soothing rendition of “My Favorite
Things” by jazz and blues singing legend Sarah Vaughan, the
classic imagery of “Blue is the Color of Dreams” becomes even more timeless,
treasured, and meaningful to viewers. The video was uploaded to YouTube on
January 13, 2008. To date, “Blue is the Color of Dreams” has received nearly
68,000 unique views. See what video marketing guru Nick Failla says about
Tiffany’s “Blue is the Color of Dreams” video (which, incidentally, has a nice
companion video, also focused on the holiday):

This Tiffany’s Christmas commercial, uploaded in early
December 2010, has received more than 53,000 unique views.

“Tiffany’s has always been at the forefront of showcasing
elegance in their marketing.  This video is heartwarming, beautiful, and
inspires a moment of reflection upon the dreams that a young girl carries with
her from her childhood to her transition to adulthood. It reminds us of the
role jewelry can play in the relationships that will ensue.

“The snowy white scene serves as a breathtaking backdrop to
the Tiffany’s signature blue box which is ever-present in this ad spot,
reminding us that if it comes in Tiffany’s blue box, no matter the size, it
must be wonderful. It is far more about the brand and the important part this
brand can play in special moments than it is about the jewelry.  Jewelry
is present in the commercial but by no means the focus.

“So what points can any jeweler consider from this spot
regardless of their marketing?

  1. Keeping
    consistent branding themes like logo and color palette pays off in the
    long run.
  2. Jewelry
    often serves to commemorate dreams. It is these dreams that we should
    consider more in our marketing than the actual jewelry itself. Dreams
    are more universally shared than a specific style of jewelry.
  3. Elegance
    never goes out of style.
  4. Simple
    can be powerful, too
  5. The
    right music can make a spot even more powerful than good dialogue.”

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