Viral Spiral: SS Jewels

Over the past three years, SS Jewels has positioned itself
as the place for consumers to sell their
gold in the Farmingdale, N.Y., market. Two of the retailer’s three gold-buying
commercials uploaded to YouTube use identifiable characters and relatable humor
to send home the message that SS Jewels is the “honest jeweler” that gives the
best deal when selling unwanted gold. Of these two commercials, the store’s
“Grandma” video has received more than 1,800 unique views since it was uploaded
on June 13, 2008. The store’s other “Boyfriend” video wasn’t as popular (just
over 450 unique views on YouTube), but it uses the same humorous style to
deliver the jeweler’s message. The store’s third gold-buying commercial, uploaded
11 months ago, touts the benefits of selling old gold at SS Jewels using a
straightforward spokesperson, yet garnered only 16 unique views on YouTube. See
why video marketing guru Nick Failla thinks the “Grandma” video is the clear

“So many gold-buying spots that are aired speak only
to those in need of money that it’s easy to forget that there are lots of
customers with old gold jewelry that at present have no real motivation to sell
it. Many of these advertisements project a very negative message and make it
seem as if the only people selling gold are truly facing desperate times. Not
this week’s spot from the team at SS Jewels.

“The creative team for SS Jewels uses this commercial to
remind all those well meaning grandmas out there that their granddaughters may
not have the same sense of style grandma does. So with that in mind, why not
sell the jewelry your granddaughter won’t wear anyway and use the proceeds for
something fun that both you and your granddaughter will enjoy?

“Sometimes it pays to take a step back from something like
gold buying and see if there is an
untapped opportunity. The team at SS Jewels certainly did that with their fun,
energetic video.”