Viral Spiral: Martin Binder Jeweler

In 2008 Bob Flude, owner Martin Binder Jeweler, began making
trips to Sierra Leone with the hopes of establishing direct diamond buying
contacts with local miners. Instead, the Valparaiso, Ind., retailer became sympathetic to the workers and began his own mining operations in
the African nation. Flude has made frequent trips to Sierra Leone over two
years, creating much in terms of unique video content and travel stories for
his store’s blog. One 24-second video has received more than 4,000 unique views
on YouTube. This and two other videos has not only made for original blog
content but has garnered a number of unique views on YouTube (since June 2008,
more than 5,800). See what video marketing guru Nick Failla says about Martin
Binder Jeweler’s diamond washing videos from his trips to Sierra Leone.    

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“The videos from Martin Binder Jewelers do a nice job of
showing how video can be used to complement and support your other marketing
efforts. This week’s videos were not created to tell the whole story that
Martin Binder Jeweler was trying to share, but to add a visual to the content
published in their blog. The added bonus occurred when people that had
not yet read the blog from Martin Binder Jewelers discovered their video on
YouTube thereby introducing the store to even more new potential customers. When you have done a great job of storytelling on your blog
or through direct email, adding video can be just the piece needed to take it
over the viral top!”

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