Viral Spiral: Larson Jewelers

What does a woman in a low-cut green dress, a trail of
Christmas presents, a tungsten wedding band, and a spontaneously-combusting
Yorkie have in common? No, it’s not the start of a joke you’d tell your buddies
in a bar. These are the surreal visual elements that come together in Larson
Jewelers’ “Tungsten Wedding Bands—Funny Christmas Commercial” video. Before you
pass judgment, know that this video wasn’t produced with the intention of
making sense. “We were just trying to string together a bunch of unrelated
things together to make the video weird enough to get as many people as
possible to watch it,” says store operations manager Michael Larson, who had a
creative hand in the production. Since it was uploaded on Dec. 17, 2008, the
video has received nearly 14,000 unique views on YouTube. See what video
marketing guru Nick Failla says
about Larson Jewelers’ “Tungsten Wedding Bands—Funny Christmas

Larson Jewelers can be commended for really thinking outside
the box. The question may be raised, however: “Is airing a commercial that
is so odd worth the risk of alienating potential customers?”

Larson’s somewhat bizarre video has received nearly 14,000
views on YouTube. At first this seems to be a good thing. But in this case,
more viewers “dislike” the video than “like” it. 

This may be a cause for concern, but does not automatically
determine that the video has failed in its purpose. Remember, Michael
Larson worked with his team to create a video that would be weird enough “to
get as many people as possible to watch it.” And the video has, indeed, received
a great many views.

Consider YouTube sensation Rebecca Black, whose recently
released video “Friday” has already captured over 33 million views—not because
the song is thought to be so good, but instead because the prevailing opinion
appears to be that it’s the worst song ever!  That said, the song has rocketed
to the top of the iTunes charts and Ms. Black stands to make a whole lot of

So maybe sometimes bad is good?

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