Viral Spiral: Koerber’s Fine Jewelry (Video)

Not long ago, Koerber’s Fine Jewelry in New Albany, Ind., decided to differentiate itself from its competitors with a TV commercial that emphasizes its leading diamond brand, Hearts On Fire. The 15-second spot uses a montage of key product-related words that not only relate to ideal-cut diamonds but also to the store. This is cleverly done by first establishing the store name with a fireworks-like display that creates a sense of movement at the start of the ad. From here, the words fine jewelry, flawless, and timeless appear on-screen, before coming to rest on the words Hearts On Fire. A few product shots appear on screen, but the pace is quick and the music snappy (it recalls the Sex and the City theme). Since the video was uploaded to YouTube on April 21, 2009, it has received more than 1,900 unique views. Here’s what industry video marketing guru Nick Failla says about the Hearts On Fire video produced for Koerber’s Fine Jewelry:

“Koerber’s Hearts On Fire spot does a nice job of creating top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) for one of their signature brands, Hearts On Fire, but even more importantly their core brand, Koerber’s.

“Oftentimes advertisements created for the purpose of generating TOMA are short so they can be affordably broadcast at a much higher frequency than a normal 30- or 60-second ad. As you may have already noticed, the Koerber’s video is shorter than the standard 30-second spot. 

“Koerber’s wisely takes advantage of the powerful branding already done by Hearts On Fire to help increase the power of recognition this advertisement will have and to enhance their own brand. The ultimate hope is that consumers in their marketplace who are beginning to search for diamond jewelry will be inspired to visit their store or website first because of the consumer’s recognition of HOF as a prestigious and desirable brand.

“When the potential customer visits Koerber’s website they will find a continuation of the theme introduced by the video spot. A theme that positions Koerber’s as an upscale, professional jeweler who carries many important jewelry brands and is serious about diamonds. This may be just enough to inspire the customer to visit Koerber’s store and if that is indeed the case then it is an advertising job well done.”

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