Viral Spiral: Gillett’s Jewellers (Video)

This week’s Viral Spiral video has some new twists. First,
the retailer video isn’t a commercial or store-produced video gone viral. This
week’s pick is an instructional video. But it’s not from a U.S. retail jeweler.
This video was produced by Gillett’s Jewellers, based in Queensland, Australia.

The video is just over three minutes
in length and provides a wealth of useful information for Pandora jewelry
enthusiasts, especially for those just starting to build their charm bracelets. What’s
important about this instructional video is that the information it presents is
useful, the production methods are easy to understand, and it will likely hook
first-time customers on the Pandora jewelry buying experience.

The video emphasizes the
importance of buying the correct charm bracelet length for a particular wrist
size, and adds that a Pandora bracelet buyer should add a little extra length
for a certain number and size of charms. This is done in a three-step process
that is conversational in tone with key talking points in text boxes or

In branding terms, the store’s logo
is constantly shown throughout the video in the lower left-hand corner. The
store’s web address appears in the beginning and at the closing. The video
provides many useful tips on how to not only wear a Pandora bracelet with
charms, but also shows some completed charm bracelets in various styles, be it
silver and glass beads or all colored stones.

Since its upload on
Nov. 19, 2008, the video has received more than 17,400 unique views. See what industry video marketing guru Nick Failla says about
Gillett’s Jewellers’ Pandora instructional video:

“In past issues of Viral Spiral we have discussed capturing
potential customers by entertaining them with your video. Today we will examine
a video that is a splendid example of one that uses educational content to
capture customer’s attention. Once we have their attention, your goal can then
become to drive these potential customers to your website and in turn your

“The really cool thing about this type of video is that
any store can create and broadcast one! In many cases you already have the
tools needed to create something like this video because they came as part of
the software package when you purchased your computer. If not, don’t
worry. There are many websites online that will offer the tools you need for

“A simple strategy for creating your own educational video
might be to identify a question that is both commonly asked by your customers
each day and one that could be easily answered in a video format.

“Once you have decided on the customer question you wish to
address consider the following:

  1. Include some form of the question in your title.
  2. Use pop-ups in the video like Gillette Jewellers
    did to reinforce the instructions you are providing.
  3. Keep your brand present throughout the video. This
    can be done a number of ways including using your logo, web address, or even
    the interior of your store as a background.
  4. Use the tool provided by YouTube that allows you
    to tag your video with key words that will help identify it when people are
    searching for things they are interested in on search engines like YouTube or
  5. Provide a hyperlink to your website. You
    cannot embed one in your video when you use YouTube, but you can embed a
    hyperlink to your website in the description section of your YouTube
    video.  However, it must be the full link that includes the beginning
    sequence of “http://”.
  6. Keep your video as short and clear as possible.

“If you have been having trouble deciding on the theme for
your next viral video, just ask your customers for their suggestions.”

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