Viral Spiral: Bert Levi Family Jewelers

The spot produced for Bert
Levi, owner of Bert Levi Family Jewelers in San Diego, Calif., is, by most
definitions, a straightforward “about us” production. What’s extraordinary is
the number of unique views it has received in only 10 months – more than 93,000
and counting. Levi is very aggressive about asking friends to post the clip on
their Facebook walls or pass along the YouTube link via Twitter. The number of
views and pages of comments on YouTube have given the jeweler’s SEO rankings a
huge boost. Even after a sale, part of Levi’s customary follow-up is asking a
customer to upload his video link to their social media websites. The YouTube
link also appears in every personal and business-related email auto-signature Levi
sends out. In a Viral Spiral twist, learn what video marketing guru Nick Failla
says about the methods used to garner so many unique views:

“This week’s video from Bert
Levi Family Jewelers reminds us how important it is to stay focused on
promotion once you have launched a video. In fact, it is crucial to making
it a success.

“This particular video is
very simple in nature with no special bells or whistles being used to help it
go viral. However, it has received an extraordinary number of views
because of the multifaceted and CONSISTENT effort Bert Levi Family Jewelers has
put behind promoting the video. The important lesson to be learned here is
that this type of multifaceted and CONSISTENT approach can be applied to many
parts of your business.

“Show me a store that has
well trained employees, terrific special events, a well balanced inventory,
or great marketing campaigns… and I’ll show you a store that is CONSISTENT in
those efforts.”

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