Video: One-of-a-kind Jewels at Pluczenik in Baselworld

DTC sightholder Pluczenik has a feast for the eyes on display at its booth at the Baselworld fair this week. If you’re in town and in the market for a one-of-a-kind, stop by to see the jewels in person, and, bring a lot of money.
First, the "Power Precious" ring designed by Barney Cheng and the "Majestic Beauty Fan" by Cindy Chao are on display in the windows in Hall 3.0 Booth D40. Both items were commissioned for the Forevermark Precious Collection at the end of 2008 to mark the debut of the Forevermark brand in Asia, and this show marks the first time either has been shown outside of the contintent. Diamond craftsmen worked with the designers to bring their ideas, based on the theme of something that is precious, to life. For Cheng, that meant representing the idea of ‘precious with power’ because power falls into the hands of so few–thus his platinum knuckle-duster ring set with diamonds set culet up–while Chao’s design is based on an endearing memory of a decorative paper fan gifted to her by her grandfather; her Forevermark version comprises platinum, gold, and diamonds. The ring has a retail value of $3.5 million and the fan has a worth of $4 million. 

by Barney Cheng  by Cindy Chao


Pluczenik markets Forevermark diamonds in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and India, and is also licensed for "Exceptional Forevermark Products": Forevermark diamonds over 5 carats in size, and, Forevermark jewelry pieces valued at more than $50,000 which may be sold directly to private clients and international jewelry brands.
Meanwhile, a particular loose stone in Pluczenik’s possession has also been attracting attention: a 6 ct. natural-color blue diamond valued at $6 million. For details, click here to read the report by Gary Roskin, contributor to the Baselworld Daily News and editor of Roskin’s Gem News Report.
To hear Peter Martin, communication manager, Pluczenick, talk about the most significant brand happenings at the show, click his photo for a video interview.

 Peter Martin, Pluczenik