Video Claims Women Offered Less Than Men for Diamond Trade-Ins

After a man and woman both visited 12 locations on 47th Street, the offers the female received were 40 percent lower

A new video claims that a woman who tried to sell a 2 ct. diamond ring in New York City’s Diamond District was offered an average of 40 percent less for it than a man selling the same ring.

The online clip uses hidden camera footage and was put out by I Want What It’s Worth, a new service that sells consumer jewelry for a commission. In it, company founder Jacob Worth and actress Rebecca Ruber visit 12 locations on 47th Street with a 2 ct. ring that sells for $18,000 on RapNet.

According to the service, Worth was initially offered $9,666 and Ruber, $5,708. After some haggling, Worth got his offer up to $11,008 and Ruber to $6,833, the company says.



“While we expected there to be a huge discrepancy between the offers Rebecca and I received, we never expected this level of harassment,” said Worth in a statement. “It was brutal. Two of the 12 locations went as far as to offer Rebecca more money for her ring if she agreed to go on dates with them.”

It wasn’t easy for Worth, either, according to a company blog, with one company locking him in a room when he refused to take the offer.

The blog suggested three reasons for the differential. First, the buyers believed that Ruber did not purchase the ring, so any money she gets counts as profit. Ruber also had a “flawed negotiating style,” where she held firm on her offers. And finally, some seemed to believe that Ruber, as a young woman, was an “easy mark.”

The company did not return a call for comment.

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