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Bridal Expert Verragio Expands Into Fine Jewelry


Verragio is taking more than a quarter century of engagement and bridal jewelry expertise and expanding into everyday fine jewelry.

Verragio Fine Jewelry debuts May 16 with three collections, extending the brand’s recognizable style to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that offer Verragio’s signature qualities, including diamonds, detail, and beading.

Founder and CEO Barry Verragio says the new collections—Veritage, Reverie, and Devotion—were created because of the changing industry—with more women self-purchasing fine jewelry for themselves—and customer demand for wearable yet luxurious pieces.

Verragio pearls
Seeking to offer a softer, feminine look to its pieces and show its love of pearls, Verragio has created the Reverie collection that includes this pendant with diamonds and 18k yellow gold ($2,750), says brand creative director Sophia Macris. 

“Our goal with bridal was always to be identifiable to the consumer. This is an expansion based on that. When you pick up a Verragio, you know it’s a Verragio,” he says. “We have a huge following, and our customer has been asking for this extension for a while now. But it had to have what drew them to the brand initially—uniqueness, elegance, workmanship.”

Verragio creative director Sophia Macris developed the fine jewelry collections and says more will be added.

“Verragio Fine Jewelry lets you tell your story and combine pieces in a way that’s very personal,” Macris says. “Maybe you wear a stack of rings or bracelets. Maybe you have multiple piercings. There are so many ways to wear jewelry now that we could present the same five people with a tray of our pieces and each one would wear them differently.… We want to be your favorite piece of jewelry, and we want it to be the first thing you put on every day and the last thing you take off.”

Macris says the first three collections connect to Verragio’s engagement and wedding jewelry, using those beloved designs as inspiration for new looks.

Verragio pendant
The Y necklace ($5,750), from Verragio’s new Devotion collection, features the brand’s signature beading and design resembling sacred elements of the Alcazar, Barry Verragio says.

For example, Veritage diamond pendants and hoops use the iconic Verragio crest, signature beading, and classic settings like the halo from the brand’s bridal collections. The Veritage pieces come in a variety of sizes and with different levels of diamonds, so the customer can select how dressy or casual they wish to be.

“These are the essentials that give a woman a jewelry wardrobe to choose from,” Macris says. “Think of it as the perfect red lipstick of your jewelry box. There is something here for everyone, whether you’re going out to dinner or heading to the beach.”

The Reverie collection focuses on pearls and offers a soft, feminine look, Macris says. “Pearls have always been this amazing gift from the sea,” she says. “We feel like we’re using them in a way that feels wearable and in line with how people are living their lives right now. They’re for special days, like a wedding, or for giving as gifts on a special occasion.”

The Devotion line features diamonds, colored gemstones, and richly detailed pieces that only Verragio’s New York–based craftspeople could achieve, Macris says.

Verragio ring
The Petal pavé eternity ring ($2,650) has pearls like some of Verragio’s beloved engagement rings and is a Reverie highlight.

“It’s spectacular. They’re like magic,” Macris says. “We created pieces that when you mix and match them allow you to express your personality. You can pick up the colors that are meaningful to you, like a birthstone of the people you love.

“Fine jewelry is about celebrating the small things,” she adds. “Nothing feels better than putting on a piece of jewelry in the morning and remembering the moment when you received it.

“And it doesn’t have to be a big moment. It’s about celebration and joy.”

Top: Longtime engagement and bridal brand Verragio is introducing its first fine jewelry line with three collections that feature its signature beading, diamonds, and pearls. (Photos courtesy of Verragio)

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