Up Close and Personal With Jewelry Designer Laurie Kaiser

Laurie and I came across one another on Twitter, the modern definition of a “meet-cute,” if you ask me. A few clicks of the mouse and I realized this very talented designer is indeed a JCK Marketplace resident, and I instantly had to know more about her. So meet the lovely Laurie Kaiser, a designer inspired by nature, a true artist, and, if her last answer is any indication, a bar-tab partner in crime. After you’ve fallen in love, be sure to take a glance at her Marketplace showroom, where the designs are just as fun and feminine as she is.

Q. Briefly, tell me a little bit about the history of Laurie Kaiser.

I come from a fine art background, and I’ve always created art. My first career was as an advertising creative director. Somehow, I had never ventured into the art of jewelry design, but I took it up eight years ago as a hobby, and I immediately knew I’d found the love of my life. I only wonder what took me so long to discover it!

Q. If you could sum up the Laurie Kaiser brand in just a few words, which would you choose?

Sparkly! Oh, you wanted more? Feminine, artisanal, beautiful, and timeless!

Laurie Kaiser Lemongrass pendant

Q. What is your favorite piece from your Marketplace showroom, and why?

My Lemongrass rainbow moonstone pendant. I think it has it all: dramatic size, a gorgeous gemstone, romance, and my design point of view.

Q. What inspires you?

Actually, I started my jewelry company at right about this time of year, during the season I find most inspiring. I love spring color, the ethereal quality of early spring light, bright chartreuse trees before the leaves mature. All these things influence my jewelry. I mix the rustic and refined in the same way that nature does.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to jewelry retailers, what would it be?

Buy collections from designers who you love and are passionate about what they do.

Q. Because I have to ask…what is your preferred happy hour drink?

I will never turn down a glass of good prosecco. Are you buying, Brittany? I’ll get the next round.

Indeed. To see more of Laurie Kaiser’s designs, visit her showroom on JCK Marketplace.

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