Up Close and Personal With Jewelry Designer Jane Bohan

Jane Bohan Nautilus pendantMeet Jane Bohan. I had the pleasure of meeting her in New York City a couple of months back, and now it’s your turn. The delightful designer creates pieces with blackened sterling, exotic woods, and colored gems that will surely strike your fancy. I fell in love instantly with her Nautilus collection (pendant pictured left), and based on her inspiration for that collection (a certain beloved architect of mine, keep reading!), I now know why. So check out the designer, see her creations, and be prepared to add some of those creations to your showcases—you’re going to love them. Oh, and in case you ever want to buy Jane her favorite drink, I’ve covered that, too, naturally. Cheers!


JCK Marketplace: How did you get into the jewelry business?

Jane Bohan: My passion for jewelry was ignited by my mom, a jewelry and metal artisan. I was very fortunate to grow up in a family that encouraged my artistic interests. I then went on to the Rhode Island School of Design, where I received exceptional training in jewelry and metalsmithing. Soon after graduating from college I moved to NYC and launched my design and manufacturing business.


JCK Marketplace: If you could sum up the Jane Bohan brand in just a few words, which would you choose?

JB: Everyday elegance, feminine, innovative, and refreshing.


JCK Marketplace: What are your design inspirations?

JB: My inspirations are really varied. Sometimes the point of reference is more readily recognizable. For instance my Nautilus collection is based on an Antoni Gaudi spiral staircase I saw in Barcelona, Spain. Other times, it is a looser interpretation. My new open pattern collection was partially inspired by a beautiful book of marine life illustrations from the late 19th century. I am also inspired by fashion designers. In particular, the designers who use color, pattern, and texture in new and interesting combinations definitely resonate with me.


JCK Marketplace: What is your favorite piece from your Marketplace showroom and why?Jane Bohan green amy earrings

JB: The earring that you have described on Marketplace as “blackened web green amethyst” is my favorite. This earring was the genesis of a new collection and my newest work is always my favorite. I love the way the faceted stone sparkles and peeks through the blackened open metal pattern. The stone is back-set with tiny prongs and the design looks just as exciting from the front as it does from the back. It is quite sculptural and looks great as a little object d’art as well.


JCK Marketplace: If you could give one piece of advice to jewelry retailers, what would it be?

JB: I would advocate for the designer and retailer to share information. The creative design process, or “story,” is of real interest to the end client. It is our job as designers to communicate the inspiration, process, and quality behind the designs to our retailers and their staff. In turn, we as designers rely on our retail partners to provide us with customer feedback, which is so valuable to our continued design success.


JCK Marketplace: What are we drinking at happy hour?  

JB: It really depends on my mood: a tall cold glass of Sancerre, or a gin and tonic with extra lime.


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