Up Close and Personal With Arch Crown

Arch Crown thermal tagsArch Crown, a name synonymous with ease and convenience, has been a big player in the world of jewelry retail, especially to me. When I worked in a jewelry store, the company was a go-to for all our tag and print supplies. It was as simple as the click of a button, and voilà! New tags were printed for the store’s latest arrivals. So when I was lucky enough to get in touch with the nice people at Arch Crown, I jumped at the chance to share their story with you. Below, Arch Crown president Craig Meadow gives us an inside look at his world.


JCK Marketplace: Briefly, give me the history of Arch Crown.

Craig Meadow: Arch Crown manufactures both a traditional and a computer line of tags and labels for the jewelry and gift store industry. The original button-fast ring tag, plastic, and parchment string tags were available as stock items or were custom imprinted back in the ’70s and ’80s. Custom-printed products are now foil-stamped with crisp detail in a wide range of metallic and matte colors. Arch Crown has more than 30 years of experience in computer pricing and bar code printing systems. Systems are designed in conjunction with software developers to provide efficient, user-friendly price tagging and labeling formats.


JCK Marketplace: If you could sum up the Arch Crown brand in just a few words, which would you choose?

CM: Quality and distinctive products, excellent service including free tech support for the jewelry industry. Arch Crown’s slogan is Building Positive Images for Business.


Arch Crown bar code package JCK Marketplace: What is typically the most popular or most requested item from jewelry retail stores that you are showcasing on JCK Marketplace?

CM: In terms of technology, it would be our bar code packages, including thermal transfer printers, bar code scanners, and computer tags. Our most popular traditional products include string tags and custom-printed tags and labels.


JCK Marketplace: What’s new in technology that will help retailers run a smooth operation?

CM: Bar code packages featuring a wide variety for computer tag styles, thermal transfer printers, bar code scanners, and label design software for laser and bar code printers. Also important are our RFID solutions for marketing and inventory control.

 Arch Crown custom molded tags

JCK Marketplace: If you could give one piece of advice to jewelry retailers, what would it be?

CM: Go custom. Custom-printed tags and labels communicate the jewelry store’s unique identity before, during, and after the sale. They let the recipient know who the jeweler is and allows the store to “brand” their name and set themselves apart from the competition.



JCK Marketplace: And naturally, my last question: What’s up for happy hour?

CM: Bourbon Manhattan.


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