Under the Sea With Steven Douglas

I remember reading recently that the mermaid is having a huge comeback. While I’ve yet to see much evidence of that, I really, really hope it’s true. If Hollywood decides to take a bite out of this alleged revival, maybe the mythical creatures are in our future (Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is slated for a 3-D release, rumor has it). In any case, even without a merfolk eruption, we have Steven Douglas Co. to thank for its selection of gorgeous sea-themed designs, which are enough to take our minds out of this cold, dreary weather and into what I imagine as a tropical underwater palace filled with all sorts of swimming beauties (bonus: the water is heated). And the designer doesn’t stop with the ocean: Visit the brand on JCK Marketplace and you’ll find flowers, angels, and other earthy creations. Take a break from the midwinter blues and enjoy this selection from Steven Douglas.

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Steven Douglas mermaid bangle

Stevem Douglas seahorse pendant

Steven Douglas mermaid and sea turtle pendant


Steven Douglas sea shell ring

Steven Douglas mermaid pearl enhancer

Steven Douglas crab bangle bracelet

Steven Douglas diamond mermaid pendant



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