Two South Florida jewelry businesses recover after Hurricane Wilma

As South Florida residents and businesses pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma which hit the area Monday, two jewelry industry companies checked in reporting that things are slowly returning to normal.

Aurafin-OroAmerica headquarters in Tamarac, Fla., “has survived hurricane Wilma, with its infrastructure in tact,” the company said in a statement Wednesday. The gold jewelry manufacturer said a generator was being installed and that it expects all operations will resume by Saturday, Oct. 29.

Meanwhile, Miami-based jewelry designer Daniela Swaebe sent an email saying she is open for business.

“Miami has power in certain places and I am very happy to report that this includes my home and office,” Swaebe said in a email thanking people for their concern. “Groceries and Gasoline are a challenge, but I think we will be ok.”

The hurricane hit South Florida Monday morning after it swept through portions of the Caribbean, Mexico, the Florida Keys and the west coast of Florida.