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How should jewelry managers and marketers evaluate Twitter
as a marketing tool? Is a massive following of Twitters of value to jewelry
marketers? Isn’t there power in numbers and shouldn’t marketers try to build a
large following? Not necessarily when it comes to Twitter. It seems popular
Twitter users who have a high indegress (number of followers) are not finding
their Twitter followers to be particularly helpful in terms of marketing and
promotion. The real Twitter meter for evaluating effectiveness should be viewed
in terms of generating retweets or providing referrals that generate motivated

Total Twitter follower counts do not equate to a network
that more effectively disseminates marketing information to their reference
groups of friends and family. When it comes to Twitter- influence is not equal
to the number of followers a company attracts. Those companies using marketing
techniques to increase Twitter followers, and the ones paying Tweeters with large
numbers of followers, probably will not generate the return on investment they
are expecting. Studies are beginning to report that follower count is not
sufficient to capture the influence of a user and that retweets and mentions,
which measure the audience responsiveness to a user’s Tweets, do not correlate
strongly with number of followers.

Jewelry marketers should focus on increasing audience
responsiveness rather than trying to put emphasis on the follower count. How
often can jewelry marketers get Twitter followers to mention their company,
brand and product offerings to their reference groups of family and friends?
That’s the key metric for Twitter performance.

Jewelry marketers should view Twitter as a potentially
successful content filter for identifying topics that really can engage jewelry
stakeholders, customers and prospects. Another objective is to motivate more
retweeting. This can be done when message receivers find the jewelry marketing
communication messages to be relevant, interesting and of value.  Reference groups are likely sources to
receive retweets and this is an excellent metric for evaluating the
effectiveness of Twitter marketing to deliver motivated shoppers.

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