It’s Turquoise Season

Pretty soon, you’re going to be told by many different sources that it’s the season of this or that. Your local gym will be shouting, “It’s beach season!” reminding us all that we may still have winter layers to shed before donning that teeny bikini (you will not make me feel bad for my nightly desserts, gym). Fashion retailers will be ushering us into sandal season, reminding us to make an appointment for a pedicure to scrub the long winter from our feet. Restaurants and bars will be shouting, “rosé season!” though too much rosé may give us all a headache and then we’ll wish we hadn’t been so easily convinced.

For the jewelry industry, it’s turquoise season, and I can’t find much fault with that. All you need is something turquoise, and it doesn’t matter if you’re bikini ready, if your feet are callused and toes polish-free like mine, or if you’d maybe just prefer a nice warm cup of tea.

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Yes, it’s that time of year that we begin to reach for that green-blue beauty, in any and every form we can find. Let’s pile on necklaces in varying lengths—the more, the better—in all different shades of turquoise, in beads, carved shapes, and natural-stone form. I love turquoise in teeny tiny stud earrings, a welcome pop of electric blue for the warming weather. And then, of course, there are the rings, from the petite, beaded little bands all the way to the huge, robin’s egg–size cocktail masterpieces.

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Instagram is starting to come alive with turquoise, peppering in welcome sightings of its dreamy presence. As the unofficial (can it be official?) gemstone of summer, turquoise lets us know that warm weather is just ahead.

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