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Winter is a time to wear layers, from long johns in the coldest of cold to short-sleeve T-shirts when the sun warms everything up. You never know when you’ll need to start peeling everything off; only the ups and downs of the thermometer can dictate your wardrobe choices these days. “Layering clothes is fun!” said pretty much no one, ever.

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When it feels as good as it looks.

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Jewelry layering, on the other hand, is fun. You won’t find yourself removing any of those layers to suit the weather, either. The playful, expressive ways to wear those favorite necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings only multiply and improve by adding more to the mix. No risk of overheating this season.

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Instagram has the right idea. Is it the surge in winter clothing layers that brought about this barrage of layered jewelry photos? That’s possible, but it’s more likely the art of the layer is a very sticky concept: When wearing a beautiful pendant on its own simply isn’t enough, we opt to put our own creative spin on the style. It really is like picking out the perfect outfit. Some, arguably, have an eye for it more than others, but each individual style of stacking has its own story, its own signature.

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This bodes well for retail sales. It’s the opportunity for, as I like to call them, collectible styles, where adding just one more (or two, or three) to the mix can’t go wrong. While there exists a beautiful simplicity of a single delicate chain worn on the neck, I can’t argue with an expertly layered trio of diamonds (exemplified fabulously by @carbonandhyde and company, below), and Instagram has so many more examples to offer for those who might want a little extra inspiration.

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The days of stacking rings being called a trend are over, my friends. They’re simply a fact of the jewelry business, a store staple, a classic (the same may be said for those pendants, bangle bracelets, and the like). Big, bold looks like statement necklaces, shoulder-dusting earrings, and cocktail rings will continue to offer competition, but really, there’s room for all.

So here’s to winter layers—only the best kinds. Stay warm, everyone.

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