Trend Watch: Necklaces with Ribbons or Scarves

Necklaces that incorporate ribbons or other strips of fabric have been stylish for several seasons now, and their popularity continues this summer. The look is playful and feminine and provides an opportunity to add a shot of color to a basic strand of pearls or simple chain. Among the variations:


  • Ribbon is woven through the links of a necklace, which fastens as usual;
  • Ribbon is woven around pearls or beads, which fasten as usual;
  • The ends of a necklace or segment of a necklace are attached to ribbons, which can then be tied at whatever length the wearer prefers;
  • A pendant is simply strung on a ribbon and tied;
  • A pendant or ends of a necklace are attached to a ribbon, which is then attached to necklace findings with a finished clasp.

I have also seen ribbon-tied bracelets, although these present a challenge in tying the ribbon into an attractive bow on one’s own wrist.

          [Necklace by Yves Saint Laurent]


High-end designers including Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent have become known for chic necklaces with ribbon ties, which can be purchased on a number of fashion-forward web sites. 

         [Necklace by Lanvin]

One plus with the ribbon-tied necklace is versatility in the length, great for someone who needs or prefers a bit more length to achieve the perfect balance point placement.


One minus with all the variations is that ribbons get wrinkled and soiled. The wrinkles can be ironed out, but a dirty ribbon is not an attractive look. In many cases, the ribbon can be replaced, but finding the exact color and material may be a serious challenge. While freshening up a look has its merits, there are times when that perfect shade of teal is the only color ribbon the wearer wants.


  [Necklace by Myrka on Home Shopping Network]


Another method of mixing fabric with jewelry keeps these two disparate components separate. The June 2009 issue of Glamour magazine presents a great example of this technique in an extremely budget-conscious look (“So Fun, So Chic, So Cheap!”) styled by Simon Kneen, creative director for Banana Republic: “A loose, lightweight scarf is draped with a necklace, so it’s like jewelry.” 


  [Scarf-necklace combination shown in Glamour magazine]


If your customers are looking for versatile ways to enjoy their jewelry, the scarf-necklace combination is a fresh idea for consideration.


If your customers are looking for a way to extend the length or to up the style quotient of a necklace, creating a ribbon extender for them may be an easy and stylish fix. Although your customers might want to purchase their own ribbon, you can be helpful by suggesting the optimal millimeter size and length you would need to accomplish various looks. If black ribbon is the first choice of your customers, it’s easy and inexpensive for you to keep a roll of ribbon available for quick freshening of their ribbon-tied necklaces.

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