Trend Watch: Get the Point – a Ring on the Index Finger

It’s wonderful when a piece of jewelry can be worn by different individuals in different ways. Versatility of a piece lends it appeal to a larger number of potential wearers.


And so I was pleased to see that the trend of wearing an eye-catching large ring on the index finger has become a signature look of popular actress Keira Knightley. Her propensity to sport a huge ring on an index finger is documented extensively in photographs in the December 2008 issue of Allure magazine. Knightley, of course, is tall and very slender.  


             [Both of the above left-hand index finger rings are by Chanel.]


Some jewelry doesn’t work well on individuals who are physically slight of build. Bracelets are perhaps the best example, as they run the risk of slipping over a hand and falling off. A necklace can be proportionately too long or too large. But for the woman with the personality and star power to carry it off, a huge ring can look fabulous on a delicate hand.  



              [Notice in the close-up the size of the Van Cleef & Arpels ring worn by Knightley.]

Knightley is pictured wearing the ring variously on each of her index fingers, but only one at a time, giving each ring its due of full attention. Here’s a trend easily demonstrable by the staff of every jewelry retailer who carries rings in a range of sizes.


   [The above right-hand index finger ring is by Bulgari.]

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