Trend Forecast: Cloudy Colors on the Horizon

As appreciation for more common stones (agate) increases, sotoo does the prevalence of opaque rocks in fine jewelry styles. These stonesare generally less expensive to work with as they’re considered less ‘precious’than others, but their beauty doesn’t disappoint: the schiller or uniqueshimmer of moonstone, the iridescence of mother-of-pearl, and the rainbow-likedisplay of colors in opals all typify opaque stunners.  

For more examples, be sure to check out JCK’s May 2010 issue.    
The Minerva necklace features peach and gray moonstones setin 18k with diamonds. Favero, Vicenza; (39-42) 422-0016;   
Thistle & Bee

Milky aquamarine is set in a sterling bangle bracelet.Thistle & Bee, New York; (212) 594-0418;   


A white opal pendant is set in 18k gold with diamondaccents. Parlé Gems, Pocatello, Idaho; (800) 635-9800;