Trend File: Top Jewelry Looks at Coachella So Far

The second weekend of Coachella, the annual music and arts festival/pop culture extravaganza, kicks off today in the sizzling California desert. A few major jewelry trends have already bubbled to the surface.

The festival has launched a number of style trends over the years, including flower crowns, super-short cut-off jeans worn with ankle boots, fringed kimonos, the choker necklace, and feathers on anything.

So what are all the PYTs at Coachella wearing this year? Here are some of the most popular jewelry looks so far:


Alessandro Ambrosio in a layered choker look (courtesy of Instagram/@alessandraambrosio)

Vanessa Hudgens in a choker/necklace look (courtesy of Instagram/@coachellacelebs)

Though everyone’s eager to announce the death of the choker at Coachella (Taylor Swift cheekily called them “the new flower crown” at the festival last year), they are still literally everywhere at the shows. But the single-strand choker that ruled last year’s fest has morphed into more of a layered-choker look; ladies are piling chokers upon chokers and also pairing them with longer necklaces.



A tusked hoop earring at the festival (courtesy of Instagram/@fireandhoneyjewelry)

Model/actress Lindsay Foster (left) in gold hoop earrings (courtesy of Instagram/@lindsay_foster)

The biggie hoop earring is an emerging staple at Coachella—and a chic alternative to the more ornate statement earrings we’ve seen in recent years.


Hailey Baldwin in a collar-style choker at Coachella (courtesy of Instagram/@haileybaldwin)

Kendall Jenner in a mega-choker (courtesy of Instagram/@kendalljenner)

Another permutation of the choker that’s surfacing is the thick, Eastern-inspired choker (think braided metal or crochet-style textiles), sized to rival a turtleneck’s collar. Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are fans of the high-drama look.



Instagram influencer Julia K. in feathery pink statement earrings (courtesy of Instagram /@maffashion_official)

Above and top: Model Chanel Iman (right) and friend in jumbo earrings (courtesy of Instagram/@chaneliman)

Bold, shoulder-grazing earrings are popping up all over the festival. The design of any given earring isn’t as crucial as its size. At Coachella (this year at least) the bigger the earrings, the bigger the style impact.



JCK Magazine Editor