Trend File: The Skinny-Drop Earring

The multi-earring look, which arguably hit its apex around a year ago, has some serious legs. I don’t know a woman under 40 who doesn’t wear at least two earrings in each ear most days.

Freshening up the “ear party” most recently is a style many great jewelry designers have embraced and made their own: the skinny-drop earring. Essentially, it’s a stud or ear wire anchoring a thin chain or wire that drops very low, and then is capped by some disproportionately big (and gorgeous) item, be it a waning-moon motif or a hunk of labradorite.

The style’s proportions—thin on top and big-and-dramatic down below—means it easily pairs with chunkier studs and earrings. And, best of all, the style is inherently lightweight.

Below, some chic, skinny drops for your consideration.

Rose gold and silver moon earring, $205; Sansoeurs Jewellery 

Emerald and diamond earrings, $11,540; Irene Neuwirth 

Double-drop earrings, $1,025; Feathered Soul 


Diamond bar earring, $445; Jennie Kwon 

South Sea pearl earrings, $1,549; Anahita 

Drop It Like It’s Hot blue sapphire and ruby earrings, $3,000; Poom Fine Jewelry 

(Top: South Sea pearl drop earrings, $1,549; Anahita)

JCK Magazine Editor