Trend File: Souped-Up Studs

With all the jazzy multi-earring looks and giant hoop earrings trending this summer, it would be easy for fine jewelry retailers to forget about the ongoing demand for the humble stud.

But those fashion-forward “ear parties” typically rely on a stud or two to pull them off. And even women with multiple piercings and sizable jewelry collections don’t want to wear danglers every day; even the fanciest fashion gal takes a yoga class or weeds the yard on occasion.

Studs are popular, obviously, because they’re casual and low maintenance—and like the immensely popular huggie earring, they can be slept and showered in (a key attribute for women with young kids, I can attest).

In response, designers are pushing the once-humdrum stud into exciting new territory, incorporating of-the-moment gems, animal motifs, and fetching geometric forms.

Below, a few studs I’m currently coveting.

Sterling silver Wakiche earrings, $125; Uno de 50


Circle diamond prong earrings, $275; Zoe Chicco

Dirty Silver Plus earring, approximately $150; Parts of Four 

Green Gold Anaconda bones earrings, $1,700; Lauren Wolf 

Flying Frog stud earrings, $975; Anthony Lent 

Pop Up Cluster earrings, $160: Erica Bello 

Clear amber and 18k gold with diamonds Acorn studs, price on request; Feral 

Eclipse Lunar opal studs, $160; Lumo 

Sterling silver freshwater pearl studs, $35; Balaam Design 

Sapphire and diamond earring, $555; Paige Novick 

(Top: Moon Bunny studs, $240;Sofia Zakia)



JCK Magazine Editor