Trend File: Half-Moon Rising

Moons, stars, planets, and other celestial entities are among jewelry design’s most celebrated motifs. The Victorians, in particular, were mad about the heavens—jewelry etched with moons, stars, and constellations abounded in the era.

In contemporary jewelry design, the hottest celestial motif is undoubtedly the crescent moon.

The artfully curved shape has made a huge comeback in a number of modern jewelry collections—adding a witchy, bohemian allure to everything from cuffs and brooches to pendants and stud earrings.

Here are a few of my favorite crescent-moon pieces currently on the market:

Crescent moon signet ring, $698; Pyrrha 


Yellow gold Mini Moon bracelet, $1,990; Elisa Solomon 


Rainbow Moonstone Hematite Crescent Moon necklace, $5,400; Andrea Fohrman (also at top)


Wandering Star ring, $7,320; Sofia Zakia 


Emerald Moon necklace, $7,750; Jacquie Aiche 


Moon Phase studs, $1,200; Pamela Love 


Juju necklace, $750; Feathered Soul 




JCK Magazine Editor