Trend File: Feral Jewelry’s Wild Debut

Feral Jewelry, a year-old, Los Angeles–based fine jewelry collection that enjoyed its JCK Las Vegas debut this past week, boasts some of the coolest product descriptions I’ve read in eons—lines like “naturally shed moose antlers with diamonds” and “fossilized walrus tooth with diamonds and oxidized silver.”

The brand’s jewelry isn’t too shabby, either. In fact, it’s pretty fantastic.

Created by design-industry veteran Susan Oster, the new collection pairs traditional fine jewelry elements (namely diamonds and real gold) with natural materials including beautiful fossilized woods, animal antlers, fossilized mammoth tusk, recycled fur, and even pheasant feathers.


18k gold, silver, ebony, Herkimer, and diamond


18k gold and diamond upper arm cuff

Recycled fur and horn cuff

Fossilized walrus tooth bracelet with diamond and oxidized silver

While several jewelry collections flirt with oddball organic materials as accents in their designs—in Oster’s line, the primal elements are front-and-center.

The pairing of these supremely earthy materials with traditional bling results in pieces that feel deeply bohemian, vaguely Nordic—and absolutely one-of-a-kind.

After all, no two (naturally shed) deer antlers are ever exactly alike.

(Top: Naturally shed moose antler bracelets with diamonds)

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