Trend File: The Charming Buy

It’s a charmed life for jewelry lovers right now.

Medallions, talismans, and real-deal charms—the kind worn on jingly-jangly bracelets and otherwise—are having a bona fide moment in fashion, buoyed by the still-going craze for all things personalized in jewelry design.

I’ve written about the charm bracelet trend and all those stylish swords and shields fashionable women are donning. But charms don’t have to come in multiples to be alluring for clients—or to sell well.

A simple charm strung on a thin gold or silver chain can look classic, elegant, and even irreverent, depending on the chain and the charm. Personalization-heavy jewelry brands including Helen Ficalora and Jennifer Meyers have made a fortune selling single, special charms, after all.

Charm jewelry is also a winner for retailers because there’s a collector element to buying and wearing charms. String a new charm onto that pretty chain and you’re adding instant depth and interest to your jewelry look.

Personal-feeling and accessibly priced, charms also make for fabulous, no-fail holiday gifts.

Here are a few new charms I’m currently loving.

Charmco charm heart
Color Splash Gem Heart 14k gold charm, $725; Charmco

10k gold reversible Italian wax seal pendant, $325; Erica Weiner 

Rembrandt Charms beehive charm

Sterling silver beehive charm, $34.50; Rembrandt Charms 

14k gold enamel Coffee Cup charm, $295; Charmco 

Stone & Strand rainbow charm

14k gold-plated rainbow charm, $38; Stone & Strand 

(Top: Charmco travel charms; image: @charmco





JCK Magazine Editor