Trend File: 5 Tastefully Modern Men’s Jewelry Styles

Men’s jewelry: It’s often a tricky proposition.

For some guys, the idea of adorning themselves with anything beyond an Apple Watch seems like a hassle—even if they would enjoy wearing, say, a vintage signet ring or leather wrap bracelet. Others outright fear the idea, nervous that dabbling in jewelry might leave them looking like Captain Jack Sparrow (or the over-trinketed Johnny Depp, for that matter).

I would venture to say that most men and women (myself included) would subscribe to a less-is-more philosophy when it comes to men and jewelry. That said, there are a handful of pieces that have the potential, when styled well, to rocket a guy’s personal style from bush league to baller.

Here are five such styles—all versatile, all relatively low-key—for your consideration.

Men’s Plate ring in sterling silver with white enamel, $320; Gabriela Artigas (also at top)


Lodestone bracelet, starting at $185; Cat Bates


Cracked Gold wide ring in sterling silver, $135; Cast of Vices 


Layered sterling silver cuff, $350; Miansai 

Men’s Vertabrae ring, $4,700; K. Brunini Jewels 





JCK Magazine Editor